School of Mechanical Engineering

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Courses offered

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Maintenance and Management

Precision Machinery Technology

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation is a program of national level teaching reform pilot and national demonstrated course sponsored by the Central Government, while Mechanical Design and Manufacturing is another national level elite course.


School of Mechanical Engineering is one of the earliest-established engineering schools in SXPI, with features of strong teaching faculties, remarkable experiment and training facilities, outstanding teaching achievements, high-quality talent cultivation, good enrollment records and high employment rate.


There are over 2,000 full-time students, and 69 full-time and part-time teaching staffs in the school, 32 of whom are associate professors and professors. 58 are  technician-teacher curriculum instructors, 35 are master degree holders. The school boasts one national level teaching team, one provincial level teaching team, one national level renowned teacher, one provincial level renowned teacher and one moral model teacher.


The school is well equipped with 12 training workshops of mechanical design, mechanical innovation, process equipment, tolerance matching and mechanical measurement, fixture tools, machinery and equipment control, numerical control technology, machine assembly and mechanical CAD/CAM. The school has one provincial level training centre integrated with machines of lathes, vices, millers and grinders, 8 training bases consisting of CNC and NTM processing with lathes, vices, millers and grinders, and 14 out-school internship sites. It has also claimed one national level excellent teaching resource-sharing course, one first prize of national level teaching achievement award, two provincial level top-quality courses, and 12 national patents.

Strengths and Performance

For many years, the register rate of students’ first choice in application exceeds 180% and the one-time employment rate remains over 98%. The graduates enjoys high-quality jobs and ideal income.