School of Information Engineering

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Computer Application Technology

Software Technology

Computer Network Technology

Computer Information Management

Digital Media Technology Application

Electronic Information Engineering Technology


School of Information Engineering features in strong teaching forces, good training facilities and modern and attractive curriculum. With strong demand for IT talents from the industry and society, students studying in school of Information Engineering enjoy good employment and bright future.


There are over 1,580 students in the school. With 60 full-time and part-time teachers, 4 are professors, 24 are associate professors and 31 of them have the experience of overseas study and training in USA, Germany, Belgium and other countries.


This school has 22 training bases on software testing, internet of things, embedded system, anime studio and etc.

Strength and Performance

In recent years, students in this school have made many achievements in students’ skills competition, with 18 national level competition prizes and 45 provincial level competition prizes. In 2012 and 2013, students won three second group prizes in computer network application, two third group prizes in information security management and assessment in national skills competition among higher vocational colleges; five second prizes and third prizes respectively as well as in national software professionals design and entrepreneurship competition. Students also won the second prize in national three-dimensional digital innovation design contest in 2013, And in 2014, students won one first prize in computer network application and three third group prizes in cloud security technology application.

By adhering to students employment as guidance and insisting on the combination of skill competition and skill certificate-promoting teaching reform by participating in skill competitions and promoting students academic study by acquiring professional certificates, the school has created the new practical teaching platform with the establishment of the project library and enterprise studio. The school has always kept on the track of training brand-name teachers and high quality students.

In recent years, the one-time employment rate of students remains over 97%, with a large number of students graduated from this school now working in Huawei Technology, Zhongruan International Co, Ltd, Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park and Suzhou Software Park.