School of Aeronautical Engineering

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Courses offered

CNC Technology

Electromechanical Integration Technology

Computer Numerically Controlled Equipments Application and Maintenance

Industrial Design

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

CNC technology is the first batch of programs for shortage and skilled personnel training approved by the Ministry of Education. It is also the Shaanxi Provincial teaching reform pilot program. Electromechanical Integration Technology is a key program supported by the central government finance.


School of CNC Engineering is one of the key engineering schools in SXPI. Its programs are closely related with the forefront of equipment manufacturing industry automation and informationization, which embodies the development trend of modern digital and network manufacturing industry.


The school has 52 full-time and part-time faculty members, including 5 professors, 16 associate professors, one provincial level distinguished teacher, one provincial level moral teacher and one provincial level outstanding teacher. Two teachers are the national CNC skills contest judges. 32 teachers have the experience of overseas study in Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan and Singapore. In September, 2014, the school of CNC Engineering was awarded Teachers’ Ethics Advanced Group of Shaanxi Province.


The school boasts its training bases for numerical control technology, FANUC CNC system application, electromechanical integration, numerical control system, mechanical and electrical testing, NC simulation, industrial robot, mechanical and electrical innovation and CNC disassembling. The total cost of all these training facilities is over 30 million RMB. The school also has over a dozen cooperative enterprises which could provide students with internship opportunities. Enterprises each year offer 50 thousand RMB Deshan Scholarship and 320 thousand RMB Yizi Scholarship for students in this school. The school cooperates with several enterprises for joint training of students as their future employees.

Strengths and Performance

There are over 1,500 students in the school. The employment rate of graduates reaches 97%, as most of them are employed in big- and middle-sized enterprises. Students in this school also have good opportunities for overseas study for it already has 3 students for master degree in Germany and 2 students for overseas exchange.