School of Trade and Circulation

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Courses offered

Logistics Management


Marketing and Planning


Chain Stores Management

Real-estate Operation and Management

Among them, logistics management is the national and provincial key specialty, e-commerce is the provincial key specialty, marketing and planning is the school level key specialty.


This school has over 1740 students and 51 full time and part time teachers with 18 professors, one of doctor’s degree, 47 master degree teachers. Over 85% teachers are technician-teacher curriculum instructors. The teaching team of logistics management was awarded the provincial level teaching team in 2010. One teacher was awarded the provincial renowned teacher, 2 teachers were awarded the school level renowned teacher, 8 teachers were awarded the school level excellent teacher. A strong teaching team has been formed with full time and part time teachers combined..


This school has training centers like logistics management, logistics warehousing and distribution technology, Taobao business studio, incubator for student start-ups, chain operation, BPO, etc. It also has over 10 off-campus internship bases. Logistics management training base was awarded the provincial level higher vocational education training base in 2011. Taobao business studio was named the standardized training room in 2013.

Strengths and Performance

The students of Logistics Management School have won a serious of awards in all kinds of competitions. It offers students with professional certificate training while taking on diploma programs. This school has built numerous cooperation with enterprises, like Buruilin, Beijing, Rongqing Logistics, Jingdong E-commerce, Shunfeng Express, and so on. The one-time employment rate of this school is up to 98% recent years. The students graduated from this school are easy to be employed.