School of Civil Engineering

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Courses offered

Construction Engineering Technology

Construction Project Management

Project Cost

Engineering Survey Technology

Road and Bridge Engineering

Urban Rail Transit Engineering Technology

Among them, Construction Engineering Technology and Construction Project Management are the key programs in Shaanxi Province.


In the school, there are 3,479 students and 62 teachers. Of the faculty members, 14 are professors and associate professors, over 95% full-time teachers are master degrees holders, and over 90% teachers are technician-teacher curriculum instructors. Each of all programs in the school has visiting professors or specialists either from Changan University, Xian University of Architecture and Technology or from enterprises. There are over 20 experienced technicians invited from enterprises contributing to teaching activities.


The school has 17 training bases like construction technology, building materials, architectural mechanics, building structure, soil mechanics, construction project post skills training, project management sand table model, measurement and valuation, engineering bidding, PKPM construction management, construction survey, and topographic surveying and mapping. The school has established sound cooperation with construction enterprises from over 10 countries, which ensures the improvement of students’ comprehensive ability and practical skills.

Strengths and Performance

In the latest three years, the register rate of students’ first choice in application exceeds 200% and the average employment rate of graduates exceeds more than 98%, which tells that its graduates are welcomed by enterprises.