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SXPI Has Been Approved the People-to-People Exchange Jingshi Project of the Ministry of Education


Recently, China Center for International People-to-People Exchange, Ministry of Education announced the Notice on Promoting the Work of Colleges and Universities Applying for "People-to-People Exchange Jingshi Project". SXPI has been successfully approved as the project implementation college, and the provincial "double high" major of Computer Application Technology is the project implementation major.

The "People-to-People Exchange Jingshi Project" focuses on China's superior industrial technologies such as Information and Communication, Intelligent Manufacturing and New Energy Vehicles, and promotes the international educational exchange and cooperation through the "school-school-enterprise" model, through the construction of domestic "Jingshi College" and oversea "Jingshi School", to achieve people-to-people exchange and educational cooperation between China and the the "Belt and Road" countries. Through the construction of "Jingshi School", SXPI will carry out the international talent training plan, the international cooperation of major standards, bilingual teaching resources, and the "Chinese and vocational skills" training to serve the "Belt and Road" countries.

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