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International Student of SXPI Won the“Social Media Popularity Award”in the "Chinese Bridge" Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition


Learn Chinese characters, improve Chinese, meet friends with literature, and build dreams with painting. On February 27, the organizing committee of calligraphy and painting Exhibition of 2022 "Chinese Bridge" Global Chinese Language Conference for Foreigners announced the winning works of "Spring Festival" theme. The calligraphy work "Jade Rabbit Is Blessing" by Sasha, a Russian student of SXPI in 2022, won the "Social Media Popularity Award", and Yang He, a teacher from the School of International Education, won the title of "Outstanding Instructor".

Sponsored by Sino-Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center, organized by Chinese Language Alliance and China Daily website, and co-organized by Hankao International and Chinese Bridge Club, the 2022 "Chinese Bridge" Global Chinese Conference for Foreigners Exhibition of calligraphy and painting was combined with the traditional Chinese festival "Spring Festival" in terms of time. As soon as it was launched, the campaign received positive responses from foreign friends who loved Chinese language and culture. It also attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign netizens to participate in the voting.

The "Chinese Bridge" calligraphy and painting exhibition "Spring Festival" theme received 793 effective contributions from 63 countries, a total of 839 paintings and calligraphy works. The contestants showed great enthusiasm and expressed their understanding and perception of the Chinese New Year through their exquisite works. They also sent good New Year wishes to everyone. After offline review by the jury and online voting by the public, the calligraphy team finally selected 30 winning works.

In recent years, international students of SXPI actively participated in activities such as the Chinese Language Conference for Foreigners held by the Sino-Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center, spreading the Chinese spirit through art forms. This event provided an opportunity for international students to practice and experience the beauty of Chinese art, boosted the localization and globalization of international Chinese communication, and also promoted the exchange and integration of cultures around the world!

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