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Chinasoft International Education Technology Group Visited SXPI


On March 2, Ma Xiaoming, the former Vice-President of Shenzhen Polytechnic, Cheng Huan, the Vice-President of Chinasoft International Education Technology Group visited SXPI. Hui Zhaoyang, Secretary of SXPI Party Commission, He Tianzhu, Deputy-Secretary of SXPI Party Commission, and the heads of Educational Administration Department, Employment Affair Department, Information Technology Department, Information Engineering School held the exchange forum with guests in the Book and Information Center Meeting Room on Jingkai Campus. He Tianzhu chaired the forum.

Secretary Hui Zhaoyang first welcomed Ma Xiaoming and Cheng Huan on behalf of SXPI. After watching SXPI Promotion video, Hui Zhaoyang focused on the evaluation of "four qualities and three breakthroughs" proposed by Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan during her visit to SXPI, introduced the general situation, the characteristics of vocational education, and the philosophy of SXPI in detail. Based on SXPI school-enterprise cooperation, industry-education integration works, combined with education chain, talent chain, industrial chain, innovation chain, Hui Zhaoyang shared the ideas of school-enterprise cooperation. He pointed out that the higher vocational education development should be guided by the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, focused on the national emerging strategic industries, the future industries layout, the dynamic adjustment mechanism should be contentiously improved, the major structure should be optimized, the vocational education should be solid connected with significant industrial strategies. Finally, he hoped to take this exchange as an opportunity to further promote the in-depth cooperation between SXPI and Chinasoft International Education Technology Group.

Ma Xiaoming spoke highly of "double-high" college and digital campus construction of SXPI. Starting from the relevant policies of national vocational education reform and combined with his own research on higher vocational education, he shared the methods and paths to boost the major construction, college development, and the high-quality development of vocational education, through school-enterprise cooperation, industry-education integration.

After listening to Secretary Hui Zhaoyang's detailed introduction, Vice-President Cheng Huan expressed her admiration and respect to the philosophy and thick history of SXPI. Cheng Huan made a project report whose theme is "integrate industry-education deeply, build a new ecology for talented people", introduced Chinasoft, and the cultivating cooperation mode between schools and Chinasoft. She said that Chinasoft would provide guarantee for the deepening cooperation with the most open concept and the greatest sincerity, dig out the highlights of school-enterprise cooperation, jointly innovate the new model of school-enterprise cooperation, and achieve resource sharing and win-win development.

After the meeting, Chinasoft and the Information Engineering School had an in-depth exchange and discussion on school-enterprise cooperation, industry-education integration, industry school, practical training, and visited the Engineering Training Center of the Information Engineering School on Jingkai Campus.

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