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"Applied Chemical Technology Team" and "Modern Logistics Management Team" Were Selected as Shaanxi Huang Danian Type Teacher Team


Recently, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education issued the "Notice of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education on the Announcement of 2022 Shaanxi Huang Danian Type Teacher Team" <Document (2022) No. 959>. SXPI's two teacher teams, "Applied Chemical Technology Team" and "Modern Logistics Management Team", were successfully selected as Shaanxi Huang Danian type teacher team.

"Applied Chemical Technology Team" and "Modern Logistics Management Team" of SXPI were selected as Shaanxi Huang Danian type teacher team

Under the leadership of Professor Shang Hua, a national model teacher and national teaching master, the team of applied chemical technology teachers promoted the reform of education and teaching, built the profession, carried out scientific research and innovation, trained young teachers and served the national strategy. The team formed an excellent teaching team represented by outstanding talents such as national model teachers, national outstanding guidance teachers, famous teachers of ideological and political courses of the Ministry of Education, provincial famous teachers, provincial outstanding young talents in colleges and universities, and industry famous teachers. In 2021, it was selected by the Ministry of Education as the second batch of national Huang Danian type teacher team.

Applied Chemical Technology Teacher Team

The modern logistics management teacher team was led by Professor Li Xuanmang, who was the outstanding teacher of National Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award, provincial famous teacher, and "Forty years of reform and opening up · Outstanding contribution figure of Shaanxi Logistics industry". The team members won 11 provincial and above honors, 1 second prize of national teaching achievement, and 1 national high-quality online open course. There were 17 national honors and more than 80 provincial honors, including the first prize in the National Vocational College Skills Competition.

In the National vocational college Skills competition, the team won 17 national honors such as the first prize and more than 80 provincial honors. The team always adhered to the original aspiration of education for the people, relying on the national productive training base and other high-quality resources, actively undertook the “Double Hundred Project” and other tasks, cultivate a Xianyang city chief e-commerce logistics expert consultant, a young job expert, six chief engineers. 16 enterprise projects were completed. It trained more than 2000 people for schools, governments, enterprises and industries (including 3 national training projects), and generated more than 3 million yuan.

Modern Logistics Management Teacher Team

Facing the new requirements of the construction of vocational college teachers in the new era, SXPI actively carried out five plans: "High-level Talent Introduction Plan", "Leading Talent Cultivation Plan", "Double Teacher Quality Improvement Plan", "Bilingual Teacher Training Plan" and "Information Literacy Shaping Plan". SXPl built leading talents combining work with study, and gave full play to the leading role of outstanding teachers in teaching reform, the combination of education and training, and the transformation of achievements.

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