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School of International Education Discussed Cooperation Project with Nigeria's Kaduna Polytechnic Institute


On September 8, School of International Education held a video conference with Nigeria's Kaduna Polytechnic Institute to discuss a joint project. Mr. Qin Jingjun, Dean of the School of International Education of SXPI, Mr. A.O.Lawal, Vice President of Kaduna Polytechnic Institute, and Mr. Aliyu Hassan Ibrahim, Head of International Affairs, participated in the video conference. After introducing the basic information of their respective institutes, the two sides exchanged in-depth views on teacher training and curriculum development of equipment manufacturing specialty, and reached a cooperative consensus to hold two sessions of teacher training and exchange courses in October this year.

In 2021, the Ministry of Education of Nigeria, through its Technical Education Committee, recommended SXPI to the country's polytechnic institutes to facilitate international exchange and cooperation programs between the country's vocational institutes and SXPI. In the same year, SXPI signed a memorandum of cooperation with Kaduna Polytechnic Institute.

Founded in 1956, Kaduna Polytechnic Institute is located in Kaduna Province, northern Nigeria. It is a science and engineering-oriented undergraduate university sponsored by the Nigerian government. There are more than 26,000 students in the university, which has a high degree of similarity with SXPI in the major setting of equipment manufacturing.

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