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SXPI Won Excellent Achievements in the National College Students' Advanced Mapping Technology and Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition


The final of the 15th "Higher Education Cup" National College Students' advanced mapping technology and product information modeling innovation competition was held in Jiangsu University from July 29 to August 2, 2022. This competition was the highest level national event of graphics courses. It is known as the "Olympics of Graphics" and was widely valued by colleges and universities across the country.

The national finals were conducted in an innovative mode combining online and offline. Students competed online through the online cloud platform, monitored the whole process before and after the examination, and recorded the whole process of the examinees. After intense competition, Zhou Shixiong from Class 2105 of Mechanism won the second prize, and Li Qingqing from Class 2107 of mechanism won the third prize.

During the preparation of the competition, SXPI's instructors Zhao Mingwei, Yuan Jingtao, Lin Xi and Zhang Yan seriously organized the students' training. After several rounds of centralized training and selection, 8 people finally participated in the final of the national mapping competition. The students participating in this competition were selected through the 4th Shaanxi university students engineering drawing and 3D modeling competition in May. Higher vocational colleges and universities competed on the same stage. The participating schools include the National Defense University of science and technology The participating schools include Tianjin University, northwest Polytechnic University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Jiangsu University, Xi'an University of technology and many other undergraduate colleges. This year's national competition was attended by 10349 players from 1041 teams from 675 schools, a record high.

Through this competition, students have broadened their vision, exercised their ability and enhanced their confidence, and truly achieved the goal of promoting teaching and learning through competition.

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