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SXPI Won the Third Prize in National Costume Design and Technology Skills Competition


From August 23 to26, 2022 National Vocational Colleges Skills Contest (higher vocational group), the Costume Design and Technology Category, was held in QingdaoTechnical College. A total of 47 teams across China participated in the competition. Yuan Fenghua and ZhongMinwei, the teaching team of SXPI Chemical Engineering and Clothing School, instructed the students Lan Xiugui and Dou Yuchen majoring in Fashion and Costume Design, won the third prize.

Matching national professional standards, domestic garment industry development trends, the real work scene of enterprises and job responsibilities, this competition aims at selecting the clothing specialized high skill elite talents.It includes two major modules,clothing design and clothing Seihan and craft. The content covers original fashion design, fashion development design, three-dimensional modeling, garment plate-making, garment sewing technology, process sheet making, garment CAD plate-making, garment cutting, production and other skills. The competition lasted 12.5 hours to test the players' abilitiesto grasp the trend of fashion, the level of innovation and creativity, the practical ability of garment plate-making, the standard operation, etc.

This achievement is the result of the joint efforts and hard work of the teachers and students, which fully demonstrates the spirit of daring to explore and shows thestudents' excellent professional skills and good professional qualities.

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