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SXPI Won Outstanding Achievement Awards in Philosophy and Social Sciences


Recently, the People's Government of Shaanxi Province recognized the 15th outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences, SXPI teacher, Cui Shuqi, won the first prize in the thesis category for her contribution to the Analysis of the Key Points in the Construction of High-Level Vocational Colleges with Chinese Characteristics; Yang Xin, won the third prize in the research report category for her thesis of the Brand-led Strategy of Rural Revitalization of Shaanxi.

The Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences is the highest-rankgovernment award in the field of philosophy and social sciences in Shaanxi province. It is selected every two years. A total of 343 achievements have been awarded this time. Meanwhile, 84 of which have won the first prize, 138 results have won the second prize, 121 results have won the third prize. The outstanding achievement of Philosophy and Social Sciences in SXPI this time is also a great breakthrough in the Provincial Humanities and Social Science awards, which has promoted the development of philosophy and social science in SXPI.

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