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SXPI Won the Second Prize in 2022 Architectural Decoration Technology Application National Competition


From August 24 to 27,the 2022 National Vocational Colleges Skills Competition, Architectural Decoration Technology Application category, was held in Shandong Urban Construction Vocational College, a total of 57 colleges and universities across China participated in this competition. Under the guidance of SXPI teachers, Zhang Hui and Guo Jing, SXPI representative team, Wang Wei and Yang Zhifan from the School of Civil Engineering won the second prize.

Driven by the core tasks of drawing designers, deepening designers, constructors and other technical posts, the Architectural Decoration Technology Application national competition is based on the typical architectural decoration project, the national professional teaching standard, the current national standard, the industry standard and the post demand of enterprises. It set up competition module according to the actual work flow, namely getting the building and space decoration information, comprehending the design plan,drawing construction design, calculating inventory, and deepening instruction design.

Through this competition, students have greatly trained their vocational skills and qualities and have promoted their spirit of craftsmanship.

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