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SXPI Won the Third Prize in the "Network System Management" of the 2022 National Vocational College Skills Competition


From August 20 to 25, the "Network System Management" (higher vocational group) of the 2022 National Vocational College Skills Competition was held in Dongying Vocational College. Sixty teams from all over the country took part in the competition. Liu Yilin, from the major Computer Network Technology of the School of Information Engineering of SXPI, won the third prize under the guidance of Teacher Li Wenyu.

The competition matched the world standard. It required contestants to complete network system planning and implementation and network service business deployment within 3 days, involving three modules: network building module, Windows deployment module and Linux deployment module. The core skills of the contestants in the field of informatization integration, such as deployment of mobile Internet and realization of wireless network optimization, implementation of exit security protection and remote access, network design and planning, and application ability of cloud computing data center, IPV6 network, software defined network and other new technologies in the enterprise real project environment were examined.

In this competition, the teaching ability and teaching level of computer network technology major in SXPI were tested. It promoted the professional construction and curriculum reform, and laid a solid foundation for comprehensively improving the quality of education and teaching.

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