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Professor Sun Qijuan of SXPI Served as the Referee of the National Vocational College "Chemical Production Technology" Competition


From August 27th to 30th, Professor Sun Qijuan of SXPI was employed as the referee of the National Vocational College "Chemical Production Technology" competition held in Lanzhou Petrochemical Vocational and Technical College in 2021. Professor Sun was hired again this year as the referee of the "Chemical Production Technology" competition held at Jiangxi Applied Vocational and Technical College.

This time, 120 contestants from 40 teams from 24 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) participated in the "Chemical Production Technology" competition of the secondary vocational group. The Organizing Committee of the competition selected 31 teachers from vocational colleges all over the country who had rich experience in guiding the competition as judges. The competition covered a wide range, with a large number of participants and great influence.

As the chief judge of this competition, Professor Sun Qijuan had heavy work and great pressure. Before the match, she not only organized the referees' work meeting to clarify the division of labor, work responsibilities, work procedures and work requirements of the referees, but also organized the referees to check the standardization, integrity and safety of the equipment and facilities on the field. In addition, the Competition Executive Committee and the expert group hold a meeting of team leaders before the competition, explained the matters needing attention in the competition regulations, and organized the teams to complete the group drawing, so as to make all the preparations before the competition.

There was no overtime, missed or missed match in the competition. The process of execution was dedicated and professional. There was also no wrong decision or misjudgment during the whole competition, which ensured that every decision was reasonable and appropriate. The competition was a complete success with zero complaints. The adjudication work was highly praised by the steering committee of the National Vocational College Skills Competition and the leaders of the host college, and was highly recognized by all the judges. It has not only won the reputation, but also produced a good social influence and won the honor for SXPI.

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