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SXPI's Freshmen Special 丨Visiting the New Campus in Advance


It is now the end of August, and the countdown to new students enrollment is also entering. I believe that the freshmen are both nervous and excited at this time. Is your university the way you dreamed it would be?

The freshmen must have learned a lot of information about SXPI through various channels, especially the exciting new campus. In mid-September, the new campus will officially welcome teachers and students from the School of Information Engineering, the School of Finance and Tourism, and the School of Commerce and Circulation to study and work here.

What is the interior of the school library, dormitory, and canteen that will cultivate outstanding students?

In order to let everyone better understand and integrate into the life of the new campus of SXPI well, then we will take you to visit the new campus online through videos and pictures. Here we go!

In the four seasons of morning and evening, the new campus will record the rich and beautiful campus life of the students of SXPI. We look forward to the students in the new September, with youth and vitality, to inject agility and brilliance into the new campus of SXPI!

Modern Graphic Information Center

Bright Six-person Student Dormitory

Colorful Student Canteen

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