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SXPI Won the Second Prize in the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" of the 2022 National Vocational College Skills Competition


Recently, the representative team of the School of Commerce and Circulation won the second prize in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition of the 2022 National Vocational College Skills Competition, ranking ninth in the country and first in Shaanxi.

The 2022 National Vocational College Skills Competition ("Innovation and Entrepreneurship" competition of higher vocational group) was held in Liaoning Economic Vocational and Technical College. The competition was divided into three stages: simulated operation of entrepreneurial enterprises, defense of innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and project operation practice. It was one of the longest vocational college skills competitions in China. The competition comprehensively assessed students' "entrepreneurship and innovation" theory, basic theories of finance and business, new technology based on big data, new thinking on the Internet and other entrepreneurial practical abilities. At the same time, students' market identification, product marketing ability and other skills were trained.

This year was the first time for SXPI to participate in this competition. The team was composed of five students from the School of Commerce and Circulation: Yin Zi, Lu Shengju, Yang Linhao, Cao Yuanyuan and Wang Zhuoyan. Under the guidance of teachers Sun Fei and Liu Rui, with solid basic skills and comprehensive quality, SXPI stood out from the national 58 teams.

In the next step, SXPI will take this award as an opportunity to further stimulate students' interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance students' practical innovation and entrepreneurship education, and further enhance students' innovation ability, creative vitality, practical ability and employment competitiveness.

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