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SXPI Won the Third Prize in the "Mold Digital Design and Manufacturing Process" of the 2022 National Vocational College Skills Competition


From August 7 to 9, the "Mold digital design and manufacturing technology" of the 2022 National Vocational College Skills Competition was held in Yantai Vocational and Technical College. Fifty-five teams from all over the country took part in the competition. The team composed of two students Li Jingkai and He Jiirao under the guidance of teachers Dong Haidong and Jia Juanjuan from the School of Material Engineering of SXPI represented Shaanxi Province. After three days of fierce competition, SXPI finally won the third prize of the group.

After a year of hard training and with the support of SXPI, the students of the team completed the competition well. The competition was completed in three stages. Based on real work scenes, the competition module examined the knowledge, technical skills and professional quality of plastic parts digital design, CAE molding process analysis, mold CAD design, CNC machining of mold parts, mold assembly and injection molding, etc. In addition, the students' engineering practice ability and innovation ability of mold design and manufacturing were tested.

This competition was of great significance to the professional construction of mold design and manufacturing, curriculum construction reform, industry-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation and so on. This national competition greatly exercised the students' professional ability and quality, and further promoted the construction level of SXPI's mold design and manufacturing major.

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