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SXPI Won the First Prize in the "Internet + International Trade Comprehensive Skills" of the 2022 National Vocational Students Skills Competition


From August 23 to August 24, the 2022 National Vocational Students Skills Competition (Higher Vocational group) "Internet + International Trade Comprehensive Skills" was successfully held in SXPI. 56 teams from 29 provinces and autonomous regions participated in the competition. SXPI won the first prize. The representative team of SXPI was composed of teachers Wang Fenping and Wang Xiao Hou, Yihao and Li Jing, students majoring in marketing from the School of Commerce and Circulation, Guo Yina, student majoring in aviation logistics management, and Liu Chunyang, student majoring in logistics management.

The content of the foreign trade B2B module competition included product display, marketing promotion, import and export price accounting, cost control, trade negotiation and contract signing based on the foreign trade B2B platform. This module required students to strive for as many business opportunities as possible within the specified time, reflect the diversity of business, and at the same time, did a good job of cost accounting to maximize profits.

The content of the foreign trade B2C module competition included data mining and analysis based on the foreign trade B2C platform, commodity development and procurement, marketing and promotion, price accounting, international logistics management, financial management and other operational activities. The module examined the students' demand awareness, cost awareness, risk awareness, profit awareness, competition awareness, data mining analysis and operational decision-making ability of foreign trade B2C data operation.

The excellent results fully demonstrated the spirit of the faculty and students to win the first place. It also demonstrated the high quality of school running and professional strength, in order to promote the integration of "teaching, learning, doing, practice and competition" in the professional teaching mode, deepen the reform and construction of the profession, and comprehensively improve the running level and teaching quality of SXPI.

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