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SXPI Served as the Indonesia-Singapore Working Group of the China-ASEAN TVET Consortium


On August 23, the 2022 China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week opened in Guizhou, and Vice Premier Sun Chunlan delivered a video speech. At the Launch ceremony, Huai Jinpeng, Minister of Education, and Liu Limin, President of China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), inaugurated the China-ASEAN TVET Consortium at the Beijing branch. Entrusted by the CEAIE, SXPI served as the Indonesia-Singapore Working Group of the China-ASEAN TVET Consortium.

The China-ASEAN TVET Consortium was a regional center for vocational and technical education organized by CEAIE and the Minister of Education of Southeast Asia. Under the framework of "China-ASEAN Double Hundred Professional Vocational Institute Cooperation Flagship Program",it was jointly initiated by 175 China-ASEAN partners. It aimed to build a platform for cooperation between governments, schools, industries and enterprises of China and ASEAN countries to share and integrate resources, promote the common development of vocational education, build a China-ASEAN vocational education community, and contribute the strength of vocational education to the high-quality and sustainable development of regional economy and society.

Based on the good cooperation foundation between SXPl and Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, CEAIE allocated special funds to SXPI and entrusted SXPI to serve as the India-Singapore working group of the China-ASEAN TVET Consortium. The responsibility was to cooperate with the association to carry out vocational education exchange and cooperation projects with Indonesia and Singapore.

Serving as the Indonesia-Singapore working group of the Consortium provided a new opportunity for SXPI to expand the exchange and cooperation platform with ASEAN countries, enhance the international influence and promote the high-quality development of SXPI.

Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng and President of CEAIE Liu Limin

 inaugurated the China-ASEAN TVET Consortium

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