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《Shaanxi Belt and Road Portal》Special Reported on SXPI's Precise Training of Foreign (Overseas) Talents


The countries along the “Belt and Road” are the key areas for Chinese "going out" enterprises, but most of the countries along the route have backward vocational education conditions, lack of teaching standards, and the ability of industrial development to provide technical and skilled personnel training is weak. It has a great impact on the production and operation of China's "going out" enterprises.

In recent years, SXPI has given full play to the advantages of professional clusters. By developing and exporting international teaching standards, jointly cultivating international students with schools and enterprises, and carrying out cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, SXPI has established a comprehensive "Belt and Road" technical and skilled personnel training system to help Chinese enterprises go out. These have achieved good results. In 2020, SXPI won the "Sustainable Educational Development" Excellence Gold Award from the World Federation of Vocational Colleges and Technical Universities.

Developing output teaching standards & Enabling vocational education 

in countries along the belt and Road

SXPI joined hands with China Nonferrous Metals Mining Group to set up a branch in Zambia. According to the technical standards of my country's equipment manufacturing industry and the national conditions of Zambia, the 16 course standards developed for the major of mechanical manufacturing and automation and mechanical drawing have become the national teaching standards of Zambia.

At the invitation of the Nigeria Vocational Education Commission, the cooperative projects such as "Chinese + Welding Technology" filled the gap in the country's vocational teaching standards for 15 majors and 166 course standards such as welding technology developed by the Nigerian side.

SXPI has developed 6 bilingual loose-leaf textbooks such as "Production and Operation Management" and built 15 bilingual core online courses such as "Advanced Manufacturing Technology" according to the needs of technical and skilled personnel training in countries along the "Belt and Road". SXPI also promoted industrial Chinese teaching, set up 3 "Chinese + Vocational Skills" projects in Indonesia, Nigeria and Zambia, formed a standard output structure for academic education, vocational training, Chinese language promotion, studying in China, and distance education.

Cultivating international students by Schools and enterprises jointly &

Serving the human resource needs of enterprises accurately

In order to meet the needs of human resources of enterprises, SXPI carried out joint training of modern apprenticeship Indonesian students for the Indonesian production base of Shaanxi Blower Group and Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Group.

First, SXPI co-builded and shared teaching resources with Indonesian universities and Chinese enterprises, and carried out "2.5+0.5" joint training of academic talents. Second, SXPI developed training programs, curriculum standards, prepares loose-leaf textbooks, and carried out vocational skills training for Indonesian students, unemployed youth and enterprise employees, such as mechanical and electrical maintenance and garment processing. Third, SXPI conducted Chinese language training for those who intend to study in China and employees of enterprises, so as to improve their Chinese language skills, spread Chinese culture and enhance their employment competitiveness in Chinese enterprises.

At present, there are three industrial Chinese school-enterprise joint order classes, with 104 students, 34 of whom have achieved employment in enterprises, effectively alleviating the problem of enterprise employment.

Carrying out cultural exchanges with other countries & Telling stories about vocational education in China

SXPI explored the international school-running mode of "Chinese + vocational skills", held 6 activities such as Sino-US Future Career Star Training camp, promoted 531 Chinese and foreign teachers and students in skill learning, language and culture exchanges and interactions. Through offering Chinese language and culture lectures, students' Chinese language level is improved and their understanding of Chinese culture and corporate culture is promoted.

SXPI recorded professional courses in English or Chinese or English, such as Business Etiquette, Production and Operations Management, Flexible Manufacturing and Automated Production Lines, advanced Manufacturing Technology, etc., to enhance the students' understanding of modern production technology, business etiquette, production knowledge and professional skills of Chinese enterprises. At the end of the activity, the students' praise rate for the project reached 100%.

SXPI received by both domestic and enterprises for its efforts to accurately train talents in need of technical skills for countries along the Belt and Road. Several mainstream media in Zambia and Nigeria reported that SXPI helped local vocational education. The media praised it as China's "Belt and Road" project to benefit the people. Through the Ministry of Education, China Nonferrous Mining Group sent a letter of thanks to SXPI for training qualified builders and solving the bottleneck of human resources shortage.

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