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SXPI Won the Silver Award of Excellence of WFCP


The 2022 Alliance Congress of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics(WFCP)was held in SAN Sebastian, Spain on 16-17 June. The winners of this year's Excellence Award were announced and SXPI received the Silver Award for "Strategic Leadership" Excellence Award. This is the second time SXPI has won the most influential award in the field of vocational education in the world after winning the 2020 "Sustainable Development in Education" Excellence Award.

The Strategic Leadership Excellence Award recognizes outstanding vocational colleges that have demonstrated leadership in the reform and development of vocational education worldwide. In recent years, SXPI has actively implemented《The National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan》and other policy documents.

SXPI adheres to the "Double-high-plan" and "Quality Improvement & Excellence Plan", closely following the development orientation of "Chinese characteristics, national leading, international first-class". SXPI also supports national major strategies, serves the economic development of Shaanxi and western China, promotes industrial upgrading, deepens reform and innovation, and plays a leading role in the high-quality development of modern vocational education.

The Excellence Award of WFCP is awarded every two years. The 2022 Award of Excellence will be divided into organizational and individual awards.

The Organizational awards are divided into “Applied Research & Innovation”, “Sustainability”, “Network & Data Security”, “Architecture”, “Global Citizenship”, “Teacher Career Development”, “Strategic Leadership” and “Indigenous Education”, each with gold, silver and bronze awards. Individual awards are divided into "Outstanding Student Achievement Award", "Outstanding Educator Award" and "Diverse & Inclusive Leader Award".

More than 100 vocational colleges and individuals from more than 20 countries competed for this year's Excellence Award. In the "Strategic Leadership" Excellence Award, SXPI received the Silver Award for its outstanding work in leading the reform and development of vocational education.

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