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SXPI Won Good Results in the 4th Shaanxi Provincial College Students Engineering Drawing and 3D Modeling Competition


On May 28, the 4th Shaanxi College Student Engineering Drawing and 3D Modeling Competition was held as scheduled. In order to implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, this competition was held online and cross-proctored offline.

After fierce competition, Yan Peng from Class 2102 of Mechanical Engineering and Zhang Linhao from Class 2002 of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering won the first prize in the individual product information modeling competition. Liu Kangchen from Mechanism 2002, Wang Yiwen from Mechanism 2103, Yang Kewei from Mechanism 2102, and Yang Xingzhao from Mechanism 2105 won the third prize in the product information modeling competition and so on. The eight-member team composed of Yan Peng, Zhang Linhao, and other students won the third prize of the group.

There were 57 teams from 38 universities in Shaanxi province, including Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University and Xidian University, and more than 730 contestants participated in the competition.  SXPI won many awards among higher vocational colleges, and is recommended to participate in the most national competitions among higher vocational colleges.

"Higher Education Cup" National College Students Advanced Mapping Technology and Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition, because of its large scale, high level, the number of participants, known as "the Olympics of the mapping academia", is one of the most influential national college students competition, has been listed in the national general university discipline competition list.

The purpose of "Higher Education Cup" National College Students Advanced Mapping Technology and Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition is to guide colleges and universities to pay attention to the cultivation of college students' innovative and entrepreneurial consciousness, comprehensive design ability, and teamwork spirit in teaching. Its goal is to strengthen students' practical ability, training students' engineering practice quality, promote students to master solid basic knowledge, improve their engineering drawing ability, and develop higher spatial imagination and thinking quality of students.

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