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SXPI Was Awarded the 2021 Logistics Management Professional Skills Grade Certificate Model Assessment Site


On June 16th, Beijing CFLP Logistics Procurement Training Center issued a notice on the "2021 Logistics Management Vocational Skills Certificate Advanced Units and Individuals List". SXPI was awarded the model assessment site, and Ms. Wang Hongyan, Ms. Xu Lirui, and Mr. Wang Xiaowei were rated as outstanding tutors, excellent examination administrators and excellent examiners.

SXPI thoroughly implemented the "National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan", and steadily promotes the pilot work of the "Academic Certificate + Several Vocational Skill Level Certificates" system. SXPI actively declared, and in 2019, it was approved as the first batch of pilot colleges for logistics management skill level certificate. For a long time, the modern logistics management major has been actively exploring the talent training plan, curriculum system, teacher training, school-enterprise cooperation, and integration of course certificates, etc., and is committed to cultivating compound technical and skilled talents who are oriented to actual jobs and serve the development of the regional logistics industry. In the past four years, a total of 251 students have been organized to participate in the training examination, with a pass rate of more than 92%, and achieved good results.

The model assessment site awarded this time is the affirmation and recognition of SXPI's logistics management vocational skills certificate training and assessment work. And it will help SXPI to promote the construction of logistics major, promote the integration of course certificates, and improve the quality of personnel training.

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