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The Number of SXPI's Students Who Passed the Score Line in the Undergraduate Examination Reached a New High


Recently, the public course examination results of Undergraduate Examination of 2022 Shaanxi Provincial General Higher Education and the control scores of each major have been announced. Students of SXPI made great achievements again. In 2022, 1,572 students in SXPI passed the score line of the public course examination, including 478 in literature and history, 1,066 in science and engineering, and 28 in art. The number of students who passed the score line hit a record high.

SXPI attached great importance to the cultivation of technical talents in equipment manufacturing, electronic and electrical, engineering materials, and information technology. At the same time, SXPI created a good learning environment for liberal arts students majoring in finance, commerce, logistics and management, and implemented advanced educational concepts.

Success belongs to the strugglers. The above achievements were the result of the joint efforts of teachers and students of the whole SXPI. In the next step, SXPI will take this achievement as an opportunity to continue to deepen the reform of education and teaching, continue to do a good job in the organization of the Undergraduate Examination, and continuously improve the quality of education and teaching.

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