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SXPI Alumni Win Likes on TikTok


Recently, the Tiktok account “Shijianzaixian” washes over the online platform, among which its practical classes have been welcomed by many netizens, with a total of over 100 million views. One of the videos has been played 81.76 million times and received 1.83 million likes. The practical lessons are from iCenter, a training center for basic industry of Tsinghua University.Gao Dangxun,the founder and photographer of the account, and Xing Xiaoying,a post-90s female teacher in the video,are both alumni of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute (SXPI).

Gao Dangxun, who graduated from Material Engineering of SXPI in 2007, is now the Deputy Director of the Forming Manufacturing Laboratory of Tsinghua University Basic Industry Training Center, the principal of iCenter Arc Welding Robot Laboratory and the Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of the Training Center Practice Department. He has won the Excellent Metalworking Teaching Award of Tsinghua University Basic Industry Training Center for 10 times, and has published more than 40 educational, teaching and scientific research papers.

Xing Xiaoying, who graduated from Material Engineering of SXPI in 2014, is now a teacher in the Forming Manufacturing Laboratory of Tsinghua University’s Basic Industry Training Center. She has participated in 11 teaching and research projects and won the special prize and the first prize of Practical Teaching of Tsinghua University for six consecutive years.

Talking about the working experience in Tsinghua University, the two alumni said that it was not easy for vocational students to teach in universities, and it was even more difficult to stand on the platform of Practical Teaching in Tsinghua University and won so many honors. They are indeed the outstanding representatives of SXPI alumni. In the future,SXPI will continue to uphold the school motto of “being virtuous, diligent, refined and sturdy” to cultivate more talents like them.

Since 2008, the Industrial Training Center of Tsinghua University started the recruitment in SXPI. 12 graduates from SXPI have been working in it, involving machinery, CNC, material, welding, and other fields. They have become the backbone of the center. In addition, there are a number of graduates working as the instructors in Beihang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and other universities. Meanwhile, China Youth Daily, Huanqiu, Huashang, Shaanxi Provincial Education Department official account and other media have reported them.

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