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Red Star Over China: SXPI Held a Reading Salon


On November 17, Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute(SXPI)successfully held a book sharing salon to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. With the theme of “reading, sharing and growing up”, this salon was also one of the activities of SXPI 19th Campus Culture and Arts Festival.

Based on the mainline of sharing Red Star over China by Edgar Snow, the book sharing salon took the form of watching historical documentaries and sharing book-reading insights with students and faculties through the video, audio, pictures, and recitation.

Meanwhile,SXPI international student from Russia, Anastasiia Velikosel Skaia, who began her study in SXPI since 2019, read excerpts from Red Star over Chinaand took all the teachers and students present back to the days of war, especially to the great love story between Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui.SXPI teacher, Hou Tao, an outstanding member of the Communist Party of Shaanxi Province, shared a story between the first president of SXPI, Wang Dacheng and Mao Zedong’s famous poem “Snow Tune: Spring in a Pleasure Garden”. Wang Shangyunfei, a student of Class 2003 and a member of the “Spark” Reading Club of the mechanical engineering, shared his insights on reading. “As younger generation, I will cherish the good times to study hard and strive to be a craftsman in the new era.”

After the book-sharing session, SXPI Party Secretary, Hui Zhaoyang, presented Red Star over China to the teachers and students who participated in the activity. SXPI Library Director, Gao Fengxiang, launched the initiative of book donation, saying that reading could become more meaningful by communication and donation. SXPI Deputy Party Secretary, He Tianzhu, summed up the sharing activity and expected that all the teachers and students would gain wisdom and strength from books by reading more beneficial books. The activity came to an end in the Indonesian dance performed by SXPI international students of 2019.

Snow Tune: Spring in a pleasure Garden

February 1936

By Mao Zedong /Tr. Xu Yuanchong

See what the northern countries show:

Hundreds of leagues ice-bound go;

Thousands of leagues flies snow.

Behold! Within and without the Great Wall.

The boundless land is clad in white,

And up and down the Yellow River,

All the endless waves are lost to sight.

Mountains like silver serpents dancing,

Highlands like waxy elephants advancing,

All try to match the sky in height.

Wait till the day is fine,

And see the fair bask in sparkling sunshine,

What an enchanting sight!

Our motherland so rich in beauty,

Has made countless heroes vie to pay her their duty.

But alas! Qin Huang and Han Wu,

In culture not well bred,

And Tang Zong and Song Zu,

In letters not wide read.

And Genghis Khan,

proud son of heaven for a day,

Knew only shooting eagles by bending his bows.

They have all passed away;

Brilliant heroes are those,

Whom we will see today!

Red Star Over China,a famous book by Edgar Snow, describes in detail the lives and spiritual outlook of the Communist Party of China and remains one of the most influential books written about the Communist movement in China.Edgar Snow, born on July 19, 1905, is an American journalist who is well recognized for his books and reports on the communist movement in China and his key role in facilitating mutual understanding between China and other countries of the world. He is notably one of the first foreign journalists to interview the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Northern Shaanxi and provide a full and objective account of the history of CPC.

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