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SXPI Held 2021 Graduation Ceremony for International Students


On July 2, SXPI held the 2021 graduation ceremony for international students on the third floor of Chongwen building. SXPI President, Liu Yongliang, Vice President, Mei Chuangshe, Deputy Party Secretary, Tian Hao and Director of the Confucius Institute Management Office of Chang’an University, Fan Xing, attended the ceremony. Corresponding leaders from SXPI Academic Affairs Office, Logistics Office, Finance and Economics School, Mechanical Engineering School, Electrical Engineering School, Trade and Circulation School, International Education School, representative teachers and all the international students participated in the ceremony. At the same time, the family members of the international students also witnessed and shared the happy moments through live-streaming video. Mr. Tian Hao presided over the meeting.

At the very beginning, all the teachers and students present watched the micro video “Sails” created by the 2021 international students to commemorate the past three years of life in SXPI, reflect on their progress and growth, and bid farewell to their sincere friendship with classmates, so as to set sail for the upcoming new journey.

President Liu Yongliang presented the diplomas and commemorative seals one by one for these international students. Vice President Mei Chuangshe presented honorary certificates to excellent graduates, Meng Liang and Li Meili, and letters of appointment to alumni liaisons, Lantian and Wang Meigui.

Tian Hao, Deputy Party Secretary of SXPI, congratulated the students on their successful completion of their studies and praised that they had set a good example for all the international students as the first batch international students of SXPI. He expected that they accept the changes, meet new challenges, make progress diligently, pursue their dreams bravely, learn from each other, and make charming achievements in the future. “You are expected to bear the glory of SXPI in mind and follow the teacher’s instructions to write a more magnificent chapter in your future life.” He said.

Zhou Haoli, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to China, delivered a speech to all the international students through a video. He congratulated them on their successful completion of the studies in SXPI and hoped that all the students would give full play to what they have learned and make great contributions to the construction of their motherland. “ I believe that I’m talking with the future leaders.” He also expressed his gratitude to the leaders and teachers of SXPI for their hard work.

Meng Liang, the representative student from Bangladesh, and Li Meili, the representative student from Indonesia, delivered their speeches respectively. In his speech, Meng Liang shared his growth and harvest in the past three years, saying that this was the most memorable and meaningful period of study. In her speech, Li Meili said that she would continue to pursue her dream bravely by adhering to the school motto of “being virtuous, studious, refined and sturdy”, and would pass on the craftsman spirit of SXPI to the whole world.

Xie Jing, the teachers’ representative, expressed her sincere wishes to all the international students, expecting them to be positive, responsible, loving and tolerant when stepping into the new journey; Besides, she hoped them to be healthy, realize all-rounded development, keep pace with the times and live up to the ardent expectations of their motherland and parents.

In order to build a learning platform for international students, Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute and Chang’an University have carried out a joint training project for international students with bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. At the ceremony, Fan Xing, Director of the Management Office of the Confucius Institute of Chang’an University, issued undergraduate admission notices to 11 graduated international students.

The ceremony ended with a warm Chinese song “Love Each Other” by all the international graduates.


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