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SXPI Students Won the Golden Award at the 6th China International College Students' Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


On November 17, SXPI student team won the golden award at the 6th China International College Students’Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition which was held in South China University of Technology in Guangzhou. The winning project is Intelligent Manufacturing of Ultra-thin Flexible Glass for Folding Display which was developed by the student team of Yang Jie, Zheng Xufei, Zhao Huanhuan, Hao Chi, Li Yuhan, Liu Pan, Zhao Long and Zhang Ruoyue. The project mentor teachers are Cui Jing and Hou Yansheng. As the first gold, the winning of the project is a breakthrough for SXPI and vocational colleges in Shaanxi at the China International College Students’ Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. So far, it has been successfully held five times since 2015 and has become the world’s largest innovation and Entrepreneurship competition for college students.

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