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SXPI Held the Online Opening Ceremony for New International Students


SXPI held the online opening ceremony for its 43 new international students by Zoom on September 23. Due to the international traveling restriction,the new international students cannot come to SXPI campus at the moment. Correspondingly, the online classes will be prepared for the new international students from September 24. Until now, SXPI has had 87 international students from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia and Rwanda.

At the ceremony, Mr. Tian Hao, SXPI Vice Party Secretary, extended the warmest welcome and congratulations to the new international students on behalf of SXPI. He said that during the special period of COVID-19 pandemic,Chinese people have become more positive and vigorous and the whole nation of China has formed a nationwide mechanism to fight against the virus. For international students who have chosen to come to China in this special period, the friendship was more treasured and precious. “Dear students, I hope that you can adapt to the online learning as soon as possible and overcome the difficulties affected by time difference, network speed and inconvenient interaction between teachers and students. I hope that you can take pains to learn the language courses well and lay a solid foundation for the learning of professional courses. I hope that you can cherish the precious opportunity to learn Chinese well and feel the unique charm of Chinese civilization. You should strive to become truly international talents and be the friendly envoys of cultural exchanges, setting up the bridge of friendship between your own country and China.”

Mr. Mei Chuangshe, SXPI Vice President, spoke highly of the new international students for their persistence of chasing dreams despite the influence of the pandemic. He made a comprehensive introduction to SXPI, which enabled the students to have a full understanding of the history, personnel scale, facilities, specialties, talent cultivation modes, teaching achievements, etc. He encouraged these students to overcome the difficulties and insist on taking online courses, hoping that they can return to SXPI campus as soon as possible.

Dr. AB Susanto, Board Director of Kopertip, Indonesia,thanked SXPI for the unremitting efforts to hold the online opening ceremony for the new international students. He hoped that the freshmen would not be affected by the pandemic and could plunge themselves into online learning in strict accordance with the teaching plan and talent cultivation program of SXPI. Besides, he also expressed his expectations to further carry out cooperation and exchanges in the form of online meeting with SXPI.

The 2019 international student, Tang Mei, shared her feeling and experience of studying in SXPI. She said, “You can feel the changes of spring, summer, autumn and winter in China. You can feel the charm of Chinese profound history and culture. You can also feel the convenience brought by science and technology. In SXPI, you will have a brand new college life. The teachers and students here are all very friendly. They will always lend you support and give you help. It’s a pity that you can’t come to SXPI immediately due to the pandemic, but I believe that we can meet with each other very soon.”

SXPI teacher, Ms. Xie Jing, delivered her speech and said that she would adhere to the spirit of dedication, creation, pioneering and craftsmanship spirit, endeavoring to provide the international students with good teaching services. “A good beginning is half done. Dear students, I hope that you can set goals to pursue your dreams. You should be the person with virtuous character and high qualities. You should also be the creative person who can keep pace with the times. Maybe there will be new difficulties and challenges when chasing dreams, please work hard and make progress with your diligence, wisdom and passion. Remember to maintain self-esteem, self-confidence and self-improvement!”

As the representative of the new international students, Qothrunada from Indonesia, and Ali MD Kawsar from Bangladesh, delivered their speeches respectively. With excitement and eagerness, they expressed that coming to study in SXPI was of great significance, which marked the new chapters of their life. They were ready to step out of the comfort zone and met new challenges bravely.

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