SXPI Established the First "Chinese Workshop" in Ethiopia

供稿来源:    作者:   发表时间:2023-12-22

Recently, with the approval of the Center for Language Education and Cooperation,China and the careful guidance and strong support of the Chinese Embassy in the African Union, the first "Chinese Workshop" in Ethiopia, jointly established byShaanxi Polytechnic Institute (SXPI)and the China First Highway EngineeringCO.,LTD, was unveiled and established. The mainstream media outlets, including CCTV News and Xinhua News, conducted special reports.

In 2021, the Center for Language Education and Cooperation inventively launched the "Chinese Workshop" project, supporting cooperation between Chinese and foreign vocational colleges, overseas enterprises, etc. to carry out international Chinese education and vocational skills training, and building an international development model of "Chinese+Vocational skills". SXPI equipped with teaching staff for the first "Chinese Workshop" in Ethiopia.Based on the actual needs of enterprises, it set targeted courses related to Chinese and vocational skills.

The establishment of this "Chinese Workshop" will further meet the needs of local people for learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture, and cultivate new local composite talents who understand language, culture, and skills for local enterprises,promote the joint construction of high-quality development of the "the Belt and Road" and the contribution of the China Ethiopia community of common destiny.