SXPI Organized the Training Program for Kazakhstan Students

供稿来源:    作者:   发表时间:2023-12-22

From December 4th to 15th, the skills training activity for the award-winning participants in the ERGSKILLS Skills Competition of the Kazakhstan University Alliance was successfully held at SXPI. Six winners of the skills competition in Kazakhstan participated in the training andlearnedthe "Welding Technology" and "Fitter Operation" projects.

During the 10-day training, teachers from the School of Materials Engineering and the School of Mechanical Engineering conducted training for students in a combination of theory and practice. They provided full process guidance and demonstrated the profound expertise of SXPI in welding technology and mechanical processing with high standards and strict requirements.Six Kazakhstani students showed high enthusiasm for learningand presentedtheir professional competence and diligent spirit, successfully completing the training and learning.

This training is a specific measure for SXPIto actively implement the spirit of the "China-Central Asia Summit" and serve the construction of the "the Belt and Road"with high-quality school resources.SXPI will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Central Asian countries to strengthen the international production capacity cooperation in the future.