SXPI Signed Strategic Co-operations with Edo State Government, Nigeria

供稿来源:    作者:   发表时间:2023-12-20

On November 25, the signing ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Agreement on vocational education between Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute (SXPI) and Edo State Government of Nigeria was held in Weicheng campus, SXPI. Joan Osariemen Oviawe, head of the Education Department of the Edo State Government, Stephen Ehikioya Idehenre, head of the Agriculture Department, Sylvester Osaro Omoruyi, president of the Edo Polytechnic University, Liu Qing, vice-president of SXPI, and Miao Sen, head of the Procurement Department of the Nigerian Yongxing Steel Company, attended the event, Tian Hao, deputy party secretary of SXPI, presided over the ceremony.

Speaking on behalf of SXPI, Liu Qing said that the visit of the Edo State Government delegation is a valuable opportunity for both sides to deepen understanding and seek for the development of vocational education. It is hoped that the signing of this agreement will serve as a starting point for mutually beneficial co-operation between the two sides in curriculum development, teacher training, student exchanges and exchange of visits between leaders, so as to promote the common development of Edo State and SXPI.

Joan Osariemen Oviawe conveyed the greetings of Governor Obaseki of Edo State to SXPI. After introducing the development of Edo State's economy, industry, education and especially its vocational education, she expressed her expectation that through the signing of the strategic co-operation agreement, Edo State can learn from the advanced school-running ideas of SXPI, especially its experience in school-enterprise cooperation, curriculum development, and laboratory construction, to help Edo State develop vocational education, solve the problem of youth employment, improve production efficiency and promote industrial upgrading. Edo State hopes to work hand in hand with SXPI to achieve win-win cooperation and common development by participating in the "Belt and Road" initiative.

On behalf of SXPI, Mr. Tian Hao signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on vocational education between the Government of Edo State of Nigeria and SXPI with Joan Osariemen Oviawe; Mr. Liu Qing signed the Agreement on co-operation with Sylvester Osaro Omoruyi and Miao Sen. Besides, he also presented international teaching standards and materials of SXPI to Sylvester Osaro Omoruyi.

Rich in minerals,Edo State is located in the south of Nigeria. In recent years, a large number of Chinese companies, such as the Nigerian Yongxing Steel Company, have taken root in Edo State, accelerating the state's industrial development and creating a large number of jobs. The strategic cooperation agreement among the three sides has laid a good foundation for SXPI to adhere to the teaching output, school and enterprise cooperation, the "Belt and Road" initiative and international capacity co-operation.