SXPI Held the Opening Ceremony for 2023 International Students

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On October 13,SXPI held the opening ceremony for 2023 international students at its Jingkai campus.Mr. Mutakim, representative of the Texmaco Education Group,Indonesia, Ms.Nur Alimah, president of Texmaco Foundation vocational school,Mr. Saiful Amin,director of International Affairs, ITS Mandala,SXPI president,Liu Yongliang, vice-president, Mei Chuangshe,corresponding leaders and representative teachers, all the 35 international students and alumni from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan attended the ceremony. The event was also broadcast live to parents online. Tian Hao,deputy party secretary of SXPI, presided over the opening ceremony.

In his speech,SXPI President, Liu Yongliang, extended his welcome to the new students who have come all the way to study.He put forward three hopes for the overseas students.“First, I hope that you willenjoy the wonderful journey of studying in China.You are expected tobegood examples of self-management and adapt yourselves to the new environment. Besides, I hope that you will have a deep understanding of China's humanistic spirit, respect China's laws and regulations and moral customs and abide by the relevant regulations of the school management. Second, I hope that you can grasp the precious opportunity to study in China, study hard, diligent and enterprising, and strive to make yourselves the compound talents.Third, I hope that you strive to be friendly messengers and build a bridge of friendship to learn from other's culture and tell the real Chinese story to more people.”

In their remarks, Ms. Alimah and Mr. Saiful thanked SXPI for admitting students from their schools to study in China and expressed their hopes to strengthen cooperation with SXPI. Besides, they hoped to train more high-quality technical talents for Indonesia through joint education between schools and enterprises.

2023 Bangladeshi student,Hao Tian, Pakistani student AnXin, Indonesian student, Dai Jia and Veranda expressed their excitement and eagerness to study at SXPI respectively in their speeches. They expressed that they wouldcherish the precious learning opportunities, learn Chinese and professional courses, experience Chinese culture, strive to be friendly messengers of international cooperation. On behalf of the alumni, Meng Xing, a Chang'an University graduate student shared his experience of studying at SXPI.He wished all the new international students a successful and unforgettable journey at SXPI.The teacher representative,Zhang Lu hoped that all the international students become international talents with excellent professional knowledge and strong cross-cultural communication skills. The parents of the students sent their best wishes through the video. They hoped that the students would cherish the learning opportunities and owned a bright future.