SXPI Held the Opening Ceremony of 2023 China-ASEAN Rising Star Study Tour

供稿来源:    作者:   发表时间:2023-12-20

On October 9th, the opening ceremony of 2023 China-ASEAN Rising Star Study Tour was held in SXPI. This activity was hosted by the China Education Association for International Exchange ( CEAIE) and undertaken by Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute (SXPI). 32 students from 7 countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia, as well as leading teachers from 6 domestic vocational schools such as Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Changsha Social Work College, Chongqing College of Electrical Engineering, etc., gathered in Xianyang to carry out a one-week activity of skill learning, cultural experience, and enterprise visits. He Pei, Director of CEAIE, Liu Yongliang, President of SXPI, relevant officials from the Foreign Affairs Office of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, attended the event. Tian Hao, Deputy Party Secretary, presided over the ceremony.

He Pei stated that this study tour was the first student activity held after the establishment of the China-ASEAN Vocational Education Federation in August 2022. Through such activities as professional skill learning, youth dialogue, and unique cultural experiences, it aimed to enhance the professional skills of young people, help them experience the tremendous driving force of technological skills changing the world, and lead them to appreciate the charm of the ancient capital Xi'an.She hoped that this event would become another new starting point for young friends to improve their technical skills and enhance their understanding of Chinese culture.

Liu Yongliang introduced the basic situation of SXPI to young ASEAN students in his speech. He stated that this study tour had provided a good platform for ASEAN young students to further understand China, learn Chinese culture, experience the spirit of craftsmanship and technological development. It also provided a good opportunity for students to enhance mutual understanding, learn from each other, establish friendship, and promote development. He expected that this activity can become a journey with sincere humanistic spirit, rich technological connotation, and meaningful friendship and hoped that young students would cherish the opportunity to meet each other, and work together to paint a beautiful tomorrow for the future development between China and ASEAN.

Camper representatives from Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand expressed their excitement for participating in this event in their speeches. They hoped to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture, experience the charm of China, and make like-minded international friends through this event.The teacher representative, Tang Xin,from Changsha Social Work College expected the students to better enhance their professional skills and cross-cultural understanding and communication abilities, and promote the development of China-ASEAN vocational education cooperation.