The First Graduates of China Zambia Vocational and Technical College Finished Their Study Completely

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On October 6th, the first graduation ceremony of China Zambia Vocational and Technical College was held in Luanshya, Zambia. As a major participating university,the President of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute(SXPI),Liu Yongliang delivered a speech via video,congratulating the first graduating students on their successful graduation.

SXPI has participated in the construction of the School of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation at China Zambia Vocational College, and all the first graduates have successfully completed their studies. As they were about to move on to their new positions,president Liu Yongliang gave them high expectations: he hoped that they would love their job, be dedicated, innovative, and lead the forefront of the industry with science and skills. Besides, he wished them strive for excellence and owned a beautiful future.

China Zambia Vocational College was an important achievement of the Ministry of Education's "Going Global" pilot project for vocational education, and it was also the first higher vocational college in China to independently establish academic education overseas. The college has been recruiting students since 2019 and has achieved good educational results through practical exploration in recent years. The "Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation Professional Teaching Standards" developed by SXPI have entered the national education system of Zambia, filling the gap in Zambia education. With the first batch of graduates going to work, it would effectively help the implementation of China's major national strategy of "the Belt and Road Initiative" and "going out" of advantageous production capacity, and create a new model of combining teaching and industry.