The UNEVOC Center of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute Sent Teachers for Capability Training in Singapore

供稿来源:    作者:   发表时间:2023-09-05

From August 13th to August 25th,2023, The UNEVOC Center of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute, China selected 30 teachers  to form a study group and went to Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for teaching capability training. This is the first large-scale dispatch of professional teachers for specialized overseas study after the end of the epidemic. The teachers of the study group actively participate in and deeply experience the study according to the study plan, and have gained a lot in teaching, research, information construction, and other aspects. They have successfully completed various study tasks.

In the first stage, the study group focused on learning through thematic lectures, with a particular emphasis on "Design Thinking and Practical Process of Problem-Based Learning", "Curriculum Design and Implementation of 'Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate'" and "Professional Group Construction and Curriculum Development Process". The instructors used PBL  problem-oriented methods and CDIO teaching principles, combined with real-life case studies from Singapore Polytechnic's  new program construction and curriculum development processes, to comprehensively share Singapore's vocational education  experience. At the same time, they delved into the avenues and measures for school-enterprise cooperation in Singapore's  vocational colleges, and discussed how to innovatively design practical and theoretical teaching for vocational college  students in order to better achieve the intended teaching goals.

In the second stage, the focus was mainly on field studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, where the study group learned about the college's advanced aviation simulation equipment and the professional development of the College of Life Science and Chemical Technology. The study group members personally experienced simulated flight operations and felt the  training environment of pilots, gaining a deeper understanding of professional training and teaching methods in the aviation and mechanical fields. They also learned about Singapore's unique urban garden planning and green sustainable economic development concept, helping them to gain a deeper understanding of Singapore's advanced concepts and innovative achievements in urban planning and landscape design. In the lecture and discussion sessions, the study group members systematically learned about "Education Digital Transformation: From Theory to Practice". The lecturer explained "the new learner-centered teaching mode" from aspects such as big data application and the creation and application of new learning ecosystems.  Through scientific data analysis, university teachers can better understand students' learning habits and needs, and provide more targeted education for them.

This teacher’s oversea capability training is an important measure for SXPI to improve its internationalization level and strengthen the international competence of its teachers. It plays a significant role in promoting the professional development and improving the professional skills of teachers. The teachers in the studying group have expressed that they  will carefully absorb, learn from, and summarize their experiences and achievements, and actively engage in exchange of  experience to expand the benefits and apply the advanced vocational education concepts and teaching methods from foreign  countries to their daily teaching and research work.