SXPI International Students Alumni Came Back to Visit the Alma Mater

供稿来源:    作者:   发表时间:2023-08-21

On June 5th,SXPI held the 2018 Outstanding International Student Alumni Representative get-together.Tian Hao, Deputy  Party Secretary of SXPI, and corrsponding representatives of leadersand teachers, attended theparty.Qin Jingjun, Dean of International Education School held the party.

It was held in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. All alumni of international students shared their learning and life situations and future career plans, and expressed their deep longing and gratitude for their alma mater with sincere words. The attending leaders and teachers reviewed the learning and growth process of all alumni during their school years.

Mr.Tian Hao welcomed all international students and alumni back to school. He said that as one of the first batch of  international students of SXPI,they witnessed the development of SXPI enrollent and training of international students.  SXPI will always be the home of all alumni. He hoped that the alumni would continue to tell stories of SXPIand China for  more young students of the "the Belt and Road" .

The international students alumni presented their study and life albums to SXPI, and took group photos together.