SXPI Won the Grand prize in the 14th "Challenge Cup" Competition

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On May 20th, the 14th "Challenge Cup" Competition successfully concluded at Chang'an University. The competition is jointly hosted by the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Education Working Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Shaanxi Association for Science and Technology, the Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences, the Shaanxi Student Union, and the Shaanxi Xixian New Area Development and Construction Management Committee.

SXPI student's work"Investigation and Research on the High Quality Cultivation of Foreign Students in Vocational Education in China under the Background of the" the Belt and Road "Initiative - Taking the Cultivation of Foreign Students in Shaanxi Higher Vocational Colleges as an Example"guided by Li Ke, Xin Qi and Xue Mei won the grand prize, which  has realized a breakthrough in the field of philosophy and social sciences since our school participated in the Challenge Cup.Especially, the work was invited as the only representativepiecceof vocational colleges in the province, and was presented at the competition award ceremonyas three well-known undergraduate colleges in Shaanxi province,receiving widespread praise and establishing a good "professional brand" for vocational colleges in-depth exploration in this field.

The "Challenge Cup", as one of the largest, highest standard, and most influential entrepreneurship competitions for  Chinese college students, guides and inspires young people to continuously enhance their understanding of the national conditions and social conditions through extensive social practice and profound social observation. Currently, it has become an "Olympic" event for innovation and exchange among contemporary college students. The competition mainly includes three types of works: academic papers in natural sciences, social survey reports in philosophy and social sciences, and scientific and technological invention production. The award-winning work of the Grand Prize of SXPI justfocuseson the "development achievements" in the social survey report category of philosophy and social sciences. Based on the current situation and achievements of foreign students' education in Shaanxi higher vocational colleges,ittakesthe "the Belt and Road" initiative as the backgroundand comprehensively exploresthe high-quality development of foreign students' training in vocational education. The research report helps to enhance the internationalization level of vocational colleges and serves the national economic and social development.

As the first vocational college in Shaanxi Province to admit international students,SXPI has lots of highlights in the cultivation and education of international students since 2018. The work of this competition not only summarizes the    achievements of SXPI in international student education, but also a breakthrough in exploring international education innovation and development in the new era.