SXPI Held a Signing Ceremony for the Joint Training of International Talents

供稿来源:    作者:   发表时间:2023-08-21

On May 30th,Shaanxi Polytechnic Instituteheld a signing ceremony for the joint training of international talents  under the modern apprenticeship systemof QIN GONG YUAN, Indonesia.Deputy party secretary of SXPI,Mr.Tian Hao,President  of STIE Mandala,Dr. Suwignyo,and Li Dongxin, Human Resources and Administration Director of Zhejiang Ducheng Industrial  Co., Ltd., attended the signing and unveiling ceremony through online and offlineplatforms. The ceremony was presided over by Qin Jingjun, Dean ofInternational EducationSchool, SXPI.

At the meeting,Mr.Tian Haosaid that, with enterprises going global, serving Chinese enterprises and local economic  and social development is an important measure forSXPIto serve the "the Belt and Road" and international production capacity cooperation. In future cooperation,SXPIwouldrely on QIN GONG YUANand collaborate with Indonesian universities to provide firm human resource support for the development of enterprises in Indonesia.Mr.Li Dongxin introduced the basic situation of Du Chengand stated thatthe signing of tripartite cooperation agreement with SXPI and STIE to establish a modern apprenticeship talent joint training mechanism was of historic significance for Du Cheng's overseas business.He expressed that Du Cheng would strengthen close cooperationwith the two sides to promote the establishment of a sustainable tripartite win-win relationship.Dr. Suwignyo stated that the joint training program has built a good learning platform for Indonesian students, creating rare opportunities for them to find employment in Chinese enterprises and realize their life value.

Mr.Tian Hao and Mr.Li Dongxin jointly unveiled the International Talent Joint Training Base.Regarding cooperation projects such as modern apprenticeship international talent joint training, skill training for Indonesian employees, and technical services,SXPI,STIE and Du Cheng alsosigned the tripartite agreement.

In recent years,relying on QIN GONG YUAN project,SXPI actively expands school-enterprise cooperation relationships, innovating industry-education-integrated international exchange and cooperation models, and making beneficial explorations  for promoting overseas development of enterprises, employment of international students, and high-quality development of  the school.