SXPI Delivered a Keynote Speech at the Luban Workshop Construction Alliance

供稿来源:    作者:   发表时间:2023-08-21

The second member conference of the Luban Workshop Construction Alliance was held in Tianjin from May 10th to 12th.Mr.Qin Jingjun, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Center (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office), Dean of  the school of International Education, and Director of the UNESCO Vocational Education Center, delivered a keynote speech at the Asia special session of the parallel forum.

Meanwhile, Mr.Qin gave a speech titled "Adhering to the Positioning of Type Education and Optimizing the Internationalization Development Path of Vocational Education", introducing the school's focus on the integration of industry and education, including implementing the "dual integration" strategy, building“five major communication platforms, and ten  cooperation models”, implementing"dual excellence" strategy for schools and enterprises, jointly building QIN GONG YUAN  in Indonesia,Implementing the "dule innovation" strategy and building internationally influential vocational education   standards and teaching resources.

Qin said that industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation are the basic school running mode of vocational education, and also the most prominent advantage of vocational education.SXPI would constantly innovate the international exchange and cooperation mechanism, and comprehensively improve the internationalization level of the school,   making contributions to the service of the "the Belt and Road" and international production capacity cooperation.