SXPI Students Achieved Excellent Results in MCM/ICM

供稿来源:    作者:   发表时间:2023-08-21

Recently, the results of the 2023 American College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition and the Interdisciplinary Modeling Competition(MCM/ICM)were officially announced.SXPI three representative teams,won the Second Prize and two Third Prizes. This was also the first time for SXPI students to participate in this competition and won awards.

MCM/ICM is currently the only international mathematical modeling competitionand the most influential mathematical modeling competition worldwide. This year, the competition has a total of 20858 teams from multiple countries and regions. According to relevant statistics, 99% of the participating teams are undergraduate universities, including Oxford University, University of Chicago, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and   other internationally renowned universities. The competition is not divided into undergraduate and vocational groups.

This competition was jointly promoted by the school of International Cooperation, SXPI and the Public Course Teaching Department. In the short term, a united, dedicated, and proficient international mathematical modeling competition guidance team was established. During the preparation period, participating teachers and students overcame difficulties such as  time constraints and language barriers, actively explored key modeling methods, and conducted practical application simulation exercises including English scientific paper writing. After five days and four nights of competition, a team led by  Teacher Lu Minghao from the Public Course Teaching Department, consisting of Zhang Yilei, Yang Yanshuai, and Wang Yan from Class 2108, won the International Second Prize (Honorable Mention). The participating team guided bytheteacher Lv Haixia and Shu Hong won the third prize.

MCM/ICM covers abroadrange of fields and is widely applied in engineering, economics, culture, design, and other fields. It fully examines students' abilities to analyze and solve problems, search and process data, express ideas in anorganized manner, collaborate, innovate and create. This award fully demonstrates the advanced educational philosophy and achievements of SXPI, as well as the achievements of public basic course teaching reform,which provides valuable experience for SXPI students to participate in high-level international competitions in the future.