SXPI Won the Global Citizenship of WFCP

供稿来源:    作者:   发表时间:2023-08-21

From April 23rd to 25th, the 2023 Alliance Conference of WFCP was held in Montreal, Canada. The conference recognized the award-winning institutions and individuals of this year's Excellence Award. SXPI was awarded the Silver Award for   Excellence in Global Citizenship Education. This is the third consecutive time that SXPIhas won the Excellence Award    from WFCP, following the 2020 "Education Sustainable Development" Gold Award and the 2022 "Strategic Leadership" Silver  Award.

The Global Citizenship Education Excellence Award recognizes vocational institutions that have made effective explorations and outstanding achievements in cultivating students' global sense of responsibility and behavior. For many years,  SXPI has vigorously implemented the cross-border two-way exchange program for students. By selecting outstanding students to exchange and study abroad, collaborating with international first-class enterprises to accurately cultivate international students, and developing teaching standards and resources with international influence,SXPI has formed an international technical and skilled talent training path with distinctive characteristics, promoting students' growth and success in vocational education. Especially, SXPI has made beneficial explorations in promoting the "Education 2030 Action Framework".

The 2023 WFCP Award is divided into 10 categories of unit awards and 3 categories of individual awards. A total of 31 schools and 10 individuals worldwide have won awards, including 5 vocational schools in China and 3 Chinese teachers and  students.