Welcome to Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute

Located in Xianyang, a city with more than 2350 years of history and famous for its rich culture, it was the capital of China’s first Empire. Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute is 25 kilometers from the Provincial Capital Xi’an and approximately 15 kilometers north of the Xi’an-Xianyang airport. It is adjacent to the Lianyungang-Lanzhou railway line and Zhengzhou-Xi’an passenger-dedicated railway line. Founded in 1950, SXPI provides a 3-year college diploma for its 18,500 on-campus students.

SXPI provides 63 specialties including Equipment Manufacturing, Electronics & Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Business, Public Service, Automotive, Logistics, Civil Works, Textile and Clothing Arts. With engineering as its mainstay it also strives for a balance with subjects across the economy, administration, liberal arts, foreign language learning and fine arts. SXPI has been identified as a top college by the Ministry of Education and Shaanxi government due to its well-developed specialties

Covering an area of 43.33 hectares, SXPI has an advanced comprehensive engineering training center and over 100 well-equipped training centers both on and off campus and two are at the national level and four at the provincial level. These training centers provide students with an opportunity for professional skill training whilst undertaking theoretical studies. The school’s library houses over 1 million volumes of books and 3028 GB of e-books and has a Tsinghua Tongfang and Wanfang database available to visitors. The campus offers a 500 Mbps broadband service providing fast campus internet connections. SXPI has various sporting facilities including indoor badminton courts, a table-tennis hall, all-weather outdoor table-tennis tables, basketball courts and an all-purpose, all-weather sports ground with a 400 meter running track and football field to provide students with physiological training and education as well as the opportunity to improve the physical fitness of both students and families living on the campus. SXPI has new and advanced teaching facilities, student dormitories, canteens, student center, multi-functional academic hall and other facilities.

Teaching at SXPI is organized within the following framework of Ten (10) affiliated schools: Mechanical Engineering, CNC Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Information Engineering, Business Management, Automotive and Logistics, Chemical Engineering and Textile, Garment Engineering and Civil Engineering. There are also three departments for General, Ideological and Political Courses, Physical Education and a Center for Further Education. The Institute has training and further study programmes for teachers from other vocational colleges or schools and staff from enterprises and other organizations.