International Activity

SXPI has committed itself to international education cooperation with colleges, educational institutions and enterprises in Germany, America, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Russia and Taiwan region. SXPI international programs are aimed at the fields of international education research, teacher and student exchange, teacher training and student oversea study. This has created opportunities for SXPI teachers and students to learn whilst studying abroad. These programs greatly benefit both the teacher and the student to learn from the other world by engaging into the international activities.

With over 300 SXPI students recruited annually as employees, Japan Omron Corporation has established an Industrial Automation Training Center on SXPI campus for practical teaching. Japan Fanuc Corporation and the USA Yizi Group followed Omron by having a CNC training center built to support SXPI practical teaching. SXPI was chosen by the Ministry of Education as one of the first colleges to conduct cooperation with the German DMG Corporation. So, students are well exposed to the well known international enterprises while studying in SXPI. Some of them choose to take part into these enterprise culture and skills training and become potential employees when they are studying in SXPI. Since 2010, over 600 graduates have become the multinational enterprises employees.  

SXPI has good cooperation with BSK international organization, Germany, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany. SXPI also established cooperation with Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Hof University of Applied Sciences. SXPI sends students team to participate in the annual international summer university at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and teachers for a three-month study period and graduates studying for their Master’s degree at Ilmenau University of Technology and other universities in Germany. Cooperating with BSK international Organization, a German language center was established in SXPI in 2013, which has being provided German language study for teachers and students intending to visit or study in Germany. Since 2012, 167 SXPI teachers have been trained in Germany universities to improve their teaching ability, 16 students have studied or being study in German universities.

SXPI carries out students and teachers exchange program with Dong-A University, South Korea, Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Russia and Chung Chou University of Science and Technology, Chienkuo Technology University, Cheng Shiu Univeristy in Taiwan. Since 2012, over 100 students and 30 teachers had participated in various exchange programs. SXPI always attaches great importance to dual degrees programs with foreign universities for its students. It signed 2+2 Articulation Program Affiliation Agreement with Upper Iowa University in the USA. It already has 37 students going to universities in foreign countries for further study after finishing its three year diploma program in SXPI.

SXPI offers excellent foreign language training program for its students who wish to participate the oversea exchange programs in the school. Students can come to the English and German training classes to study when they decide to apply for an exchange program. With native English and German speakers as the instructors, the English and German training classes are free for SXPI students.

With the global village becomes smaller and smaller, as one of the top higher vocational colleges in China, SXPI has a long way to go for being an internationalized college. But its pursuit for more and more international programs for its students is firm.