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SXPI Held a Conference with Shaangu Group on the Project of Co-construction of Overseas Branch in Indonesia


On the afternoon of December 14th, Chang Xuping, Project Manager of Indonesia Power Plant of Shaangu Group, and corresponding colleagues responsible for the recruitment of the Indonesian power plant project visited SXPI. Qin Jingjun, Dean of International Education School and all the staffs of the department had a discussion and exchange with the guests in the third conference of Chongwen Building. The two sides fully discussed the mode of developing ordered-class for cultivating Indonesian students, the training of Indonesian employees for the enterprises and the joint construction of SXPI overseas branch in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Mr. Qin Jingjun introduced the basic situation of SXPI and its international exchanges and cooperation. He said that SXPI upheld the concept of open education, adhered to the school-enterprise cooperation, and focused on major national strategies including the "Belt and Road" initiative and "International Production Capacity Cooperation". By participating in the construction of China-Zambia Vocational and Technical College in Zambia, SXPI had trained a number of localized technical and skilled personnel, alleviating the bottleneck of skilled personnel for enterprises to participate in international capacity cooperation and promoting the connotation development of SXPI.

Mr. Chang Xuping expressed his gratitude to SXPI for the warm reception. He introduced the overseas development of Shaangu Group and the specific situation of the power plant project in Indonesia, hoping to establish a close cooperative relationship with SXPI in language application training, common sense training, professional skills training, order training, staff training, etc. Besides, he hoped that SXPI Indonesia Overseas Branch Co-construction Project could be served as a platform to cultivate outstanding Indonesian students who not only know Chinese and its culture, but also master professional skills, so as to support the high-quality development of the enterprise's Indonesian projects.

Mr. Chang Xuping and his colleagues also had a discussion with the Indonesian students. They introduced the Indonesian power plant project and working environment, and welcomed the students to work in Shaangu Group after graduation.

As a leading enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry of Shaanxi Province, Shaangu Group had a good foundation for school-enterprise cooperation. SXPI was willing to cooperate with Shaangu Group to go overseas to carry out the joint training of Indonesian localized talents, and to build SXPI's Indonesian overseas branch.

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