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SXPI Teacher Won the Third Prize in the First Management Cadre Competition for Overseas Students


On the afternoon of November 26th, the first Shaanxi Province International Student Management Cadre Professional Skills Competition was held in Chang'an University. Zhang Xueping, the international student counselor of the school of Finance and Tourism of SXPI, won the third prize.

Under the guidance of Shaanxi Provincial Education Department and Shaanxi Higher Education Association, the competition of Management Skills for International Students in colleges and universities in Shaanxi province (final), sponsored by the Foreign Students Management Branch of Shaanxi Higher Education Association and organized by Chang'an University, was successfully held in Chang'an University. The competition aims to cultivate the management backbone of international students in colleges and universities, improve the professional ability and management level of the management cadre of international students in China, and ensure the sustainable development of the education of overseas students in China.

The competition consists of written examination, theoretical knowledge of international student management policy, and on-site competition of professional skills. A total of 73 international student administrators from 56 colleges and universities participated in the preliminary competition. There were 15 finalists. The final is divided into three parts: "Getting to know Students", "Keynote speech" and "Judges' questions". Through selection, short answer, essay and other questions, as well as live speeches and business skills display, the foreign student management cadre's professional skills, such as their mastery of foreign student management policy, their familiarity with managing foreign students, their abilities to solve practical problems in daily management, and their abilities to deal with emergencies, were investigated comprehensively.

The competition integrates knowledge, skill and interest, which was wonderful and fierce. In the end, 2 first prize winners, 5 second prize winners, 8 third prize winners and 10 excellence awards were selected. SXPI was the only vocational college team.

In the competition, the contestant of SXPI had clear thinking, solid theoretical foundation and excellent professional quality. It not only fully demonstrated the style and level of our international student management team, but also won the recognition of the judges and the audience. Exchange learning can enhance the friendship between schools, sharing experience can improve the school's business level. In recent years, SXPI has been committed to creating a stable, dedicated cadre management team, which is familiar with foreign affairs. This competition not only exercised the quality of international student management team, but also played a positive role in promoting the construction of international student management cadre team in SXPI.

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