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SXPI Held the Second Bilingual Teacher Qualifying & Evaluating Meeting



On the afternoon of September 26, our school held the second bilingual teacher qualifying & evaluating meeting in the recording room of Teacher‘s Development in Chongwen Building. The meeting was host by Yin Fengshe, director of the Personnel, and 5 bilingual qualifying & evaluating experts were invited as judges. 

A total of 22 teachers from 8 schools participated in this meeting, covering 19 majors and 21 courses. According to the teacher qualification examination, on-site teaching demonstration, teaching materials evaluation and expert evaluation, SXPI primarily investigated the foreign language level, foreign language teaching ability and standardization and scientificity of foreign language teaching materials. Most of the teachers in the evaluation have clear teaching objectives, clear logic in teaching process, fluent language expression, clean and standardized blackboard writing, all of which have been highly recognized by experts. After this evaluation, teachers learn from each other and exchange teaching experience, which provides beneficial help for further promoting bilingual teaching. 

With the 'double high-levels' construction, our school has implemented the ‘Bilingual Teacher 100 Project’, and identified 100 professional teachers with international qualities. According to the ‘bilingual class standard’, aiming to create an influential and internationally exchangable versatile and high-level teaching team. In this session, 13 bilingual teachers have been qualified. In the future, with the introduction of international high-quality education resources, and cooperation with enterprises to ‘go global’, the institute will continue to improve the faculty's international communicating ability, international teaching ability and the ability of international engineering practice through special training, overseas study and exchange of teachers.

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