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SXPI 2021 Omron Order Class Graduation Ceremony Was Held in Shanghai


On May 26, the 2021 Omron order class graduation ceremony and scholarship donation ceremony of SXPI was held in Omron (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mr.Tian Hao,Deputy Party Secretary of SXPI,attended the ceremony.

Mr.Xu Jian, General Manager of Omron (China) Co., Ltd.,first expressed his heartfelt thanks and sincere welcome to the leaders of  SXPI on behalf of OMRON. He showed his thanks for the great efforts made by SXPI for Omron order class and congratulated the students on their successful graduation.“The joint establishment of order classes and joint construction of training centers by schools and enterprises has trained many excellent professionals for Omron’s development and China’s manufacturing industry automation.”He said. He hoped to see the students give full play to their outstanding talents in various positions of OMRON in the future and achieve greater success through their hard work.

Mr.Tian Hao, Deputy Party Secretary of SXPI, expressed his thanks to OMRON company for its careful arrangement of the graduation ceremony and extended the warm congratulations to the students of 2021 Omron class who successfully completed their studies. He said that the opening of “Omron order class” has jointly built a high-quality platform for school-enterprise cooperation and has promoted the strong alliance between SXPI and Omron. While pushing the connotation of school enterprise cooperation mode to a new height, it has also trained a large number of excellent skilled talents for OMRON company, and both sides have successfully realized “win-win” situation. In the critical year of the three major tasks of “double high” college construction, new campus construction and undergraduate upgrading, SXPI hopes to continue to strengthen cooperation with Omron in education, scientific research, technical services and other aspects.

Later, Mr.Xu Jian donated the scholarship for Omron order class on behalf of Omron (China) Co., Ltd, and the corresponding leaders attending the meeting issued graduation certificates for outstanding graduates.Besides, the student representatives of 2021 Omron class also shared their learning experience at SXPI.


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